Rivers Shack Weekend

I know it been a while since I posted. I had computer problems and getting all the programs back in working order took just about all of my patience.

I went to my friend's river shack with the guys to do a little fixing up. Not too much as we don't want the wives to start wanting to come.

River Shack

Corn Beef Hash for breakfast. Great way to start the day.

Note our strong work ethic. We only drink beer while working and only break out the hard stuff after the job is done.

Job well done.

Storm Clouds

I worked on this photo and made it look like a rain storm was coming in to New Orleans.

Hotel Veiw in New Oleans

The view from my hotel room in New Orleans.  Room with a OK view.


Mardi Gras

I have been out of town for work and have not had time to post. I did go the New Orleans last weekend to visit my son. More about the trip and photos later.

Old Feed Store

This is an old abandoned feed store on the railroad tracks in Newberry

Creepy Little Girl

OK, is it just me or does the girl in the mural look a little creepy? Not sure if she's just really happy about getting a Coke or is she all hopped up on Mountain Dew and is about to come at me like a Spider Monkey.

Ukulele Trip

Susan and I went to the Newberry Opera House Sunday to hear Jake Shimabukuro. He plays the ukulele and boy can he play. OK, now that you stopped laughing he is not a normal ukulele player. I cannot begin to tell you how good and how unusual his playing is. You need to hear him. The photo is from the Japanese Garden in Newberry.

Footlight Player's Workshop Alley

I saw this guy hanging out in the alley by the Footlight Player's workshop. I think he's up to no good.

Avondale Mural

Took this photo of a mural in Avondale.